Evi SyranidouEvi Syranidou

Report Evi Syranidou

         Research project at the DZMB: 

  • Redescritpion of Cylindronannopus primus (Coull, 1973) and description of two new Cylindronannopus sp. in the Porcupine Abyssal Plain (PAP-SO), NE Atlantic Ocean
  • Investigation of the Biogeographical distribution of all Cylindronannopus species, based on morphological characters, in Atlantic, Pacific, Antarctic, Indian and East Mediterranean Oceans

Date of my stay at the DZMB:

10.04.2008 - 10.06.2008

13.12.2008 - 23.12.2008

22.04.2009 - 29.04.2009

During these two months, two new species of the genus Cyllindronannopus were described together with a redescription of C. primus (Coull, 1973). The specimens used for the three descriptions belong to the time series samples from the Porcupine Abyssal Plain Sustained Observatory site (PAP-SO: 48°50´N 16°30´W, 4850 m depth), in the North East Atlantic Ocean. In addition, all samples were examined from the explored deep sea basins of the Atlantic, Pacific, Antarctic, Indian and Eastern Mediterranean Oceans in cooperation with the PhD student, Vasiliki Kalogeropoulou, in order to investigate the biogeographical distribution of all the existing Cylindronannopus morphospecies. Representatives of this exclusively abyssal harpacticoid genus were found among the deeper stations of all the Oceans except the Mediterranean. To accomplish this purpose, we visited and used the DZMB facilities several times.

Research interests:

  • Ecology of Meiobenthic assemblages
  • Taxonomy and systematics of deep sea Harpacticoids and free-living nematodes
  • Taxonomy and biogeography of the Cylindronannopus sp. in deep sea basins
  • Biogeography of Amphipods in Mediterranean and Black Sea
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