Report-Elena-MarkhasevaReport Elena Markhaseva

Report Elena Markhaseva


Report of Elena L. Markhaseva on the results of her visit in October, 25 - November 1, 2006, in the Deutsches Zentrum fuer Marine Biodiversitaetsforschung (DZMB, Senckenberg & Zoologischer Museum Hamburg).  


Deep sea calanoids available for the present study were sorted from samples collected by ANDEEP I-III and DIVA-I expeditions (2002, 2005 and 2000 respectively) above the sea bed, mostly at abyssal depths in Antarctic and Atlantic waters.


The study of benthopelagic calanoids collected by ANDEEP-II expedition on board of RV Polarstern from Antarctic that have been started in 2005 was continued for the next stage. It resulted in the description of a new arietelloid genus Lamiantennula  and MS “Lamiantennula (Copepoda, Calanoida): a new deep-water benthopelagic genus of Arietelloidea” by E.L. Markhaseva & K. Schulz that was recently submitted to “Hydrobiologia”. Two more new genera: a new spinocalanoid genus [Caudacalanus] and aetideid genus [Prolutamator] were studied in collaboration with Dr. Knud Schulz of the same materials and new taxa descriptions are now under preparation for publication in the near future. Representatives of all three the above mentioned new genera were also found in the series of samples collected by DIVA-I expedition on RV Meteor from the Atlantic waters and these data are included in the planned MSs.


Diva-I EBS samples ## 318, 320, 326, 328, 329, 332, 335, 338, 340, 344, 348 and 350 were examined. From some samples (marked in bold) calanoids were sorted for future studies.  Unsorted calanoids, however, when possible, were preliminary indentified up to the generic level, these are: Tharybis, Metridia, Paraeuchaeta, Pleuromamma, Gaetanus, ?Paramisophria, Lucicutia, Scolecitrichopsis, Xanthocalanus, calanoid juveniles and etc.,  some genera found, apparently, may be considered pelagic contaminants, like Clausocalanus, Acartia, Oithona, ? Nannocalanus, ??Candacia.Of sorted fraction 4 new taxa were selected for the research in the near future: a new species of genus Bradyetes and the 3 new genera of the superfamily Clausocalanoidea. They are conventionally named as: Tharybidae gen. et sp. nov., Aetideidae gen. et sp. nov. (Prolutamator) and Clausocalanoidea fam. gen. et sp. nov., (taxonomic placement of the latest is “insertae sedis”). They are taken on a loan by E.L. Markhaseva in her host Institute (ZIN, St.Petersburg) with necessary papers signed, the rest of other sorted calanoids are left in ZMH, DZMB Grindel for future studies (see 2 attached files with the detailed lists of these calanoids).          



28 November 2006 


E.L. Markhaseva                

Lab. Marine Research                                                                        

Zoological Institute RAS                                                                       

Universitetskaya nab. 1                                                                       

199034, St. Petersburg, Russia

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