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07.07.201107/15/2010 Southern Ocean polychaetes in EOL

The first polychaetes from the Southern Ocean were entered into the Encyclopedia of Life and are represented in the species pages. This is one of the outcomes of the CeDAMar/CAML workshop SOAP (Southern Ocean Annelid Project). More is to come! (read more...)

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07.07.201107/15/2010 Southern Ocean polychaete data on SCAR-MarBIN

Nearly 5,000 records of polychaetes from the Southern Ocean, posted by Dr. Myriam Schüller of the University of Bochum,  are now available in the database of SCAR-MarBIN ( The records are in part based on the SOAP workshop held in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA...(read more...)

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07.07.201107/13/2010 Textbook on deep-sea biodiversity

The final year of the Census of Marine Life is marked by a host of new publications and media of all kinds for scientists, students, and the general public. A textbook on deep-sea biodiversity by Michael Rex and Ron Etter, located at the University of Massachusetts Boston, both serving on the...(read more...)

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07.07.201103/16/2010 CAML/CeDAMar workshop on benthic biodiversity

CAML and CeDAMar are hosting a workshop on benthic biodiversity in the Southern Ocean, trying to elucidate the factors driving it. It will take place from 21 to 25 March 2010 at the German Centre for Marine Biodiversity Research (DZMB) Wilhelmshaven, Germany. CAML and CeDAMar are hosting a...(read more...)

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07.07.20114.3.2010 Broschüre zum Film "Unsere Ozeane" mit Hintergrundinformation

Eine deutschsprachige Broschüre zu dem Film "Unsere Ozeane" von Jacques Perrin kann von der Webseite heruntergeladen werden. Sie enthält Bilder aus dem Film und Kommentare zum Projekt sowie Hintergrundinformation zu Drehorten und den gefilmten Tierarten mit...(read more...)

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07.07.201112/14/2009 beautiful new book on life in the mid-Atlantic

A beautifully illustrated book full of exciting information on life in the Mid-Atlantic by the late Peter Boyle is available. Check the Mar-ECO website! (read more...)

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07.07.201112.01.2010 Allgemeinverständliches Buch über den Census of Marine Life

Eine monumentale Bestandsaufnahme des Lebens im Meer Das Jahr 2010 markiert den Abschluss eines gewaltigen internationalen Forschungsprojekts zur Biologie der Meere, des Census of Marine Life. Diese umfassende“Volkszählung in den Weltmeeren" hat nicht nur Hunderte zuvor völlig unbekannter...(read more...)

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